Sunday, March 14, 2010

California Thai

The other night I ate a bowl-full of delicious fruits mixed with rice & tofu. Thanks to Jeff for preparing it & Billis Jones for the tofu.

To re-create this:

1 cup jasmine rice
Coconut milk
Thai tofu
3 California cuties
1 California avocado
1 apple
Sri Racha to taste

With the rice, cook the tofu & add a bit of coconut milk

Cut & peel your fruits in your preferred manner.

Drizzle coconut milk & add Sri Racha to taste

Serves 2

So simple & so surprisingly tasty!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miniature Fonduper Crêpes!

Thanks to the recent celebratory foot-ball Sunday (kitten half-time anyone?), I had the opportunity to share in the preparation & consumption of a new twist of crêpe. I love crêpes, they are one of my favorite foods to prepare, but I have always made larger crêpes, stuffed or drizzled with yummy items.

I can officially say that miniature crêpes make an excellent delight to dip in Fondue; the Fonduper opportunity was made possible by the fabulous Claire Joyce & Garth Johnson hosting their annual SuperFonduperBowl Party.

My essential partner in this cooking adventure was the wonderful MissCharissa who is well accustomed to the preparation of such delights and was reason I found myself in this situation for sharing this experiment in crêpery cuisine.

Take your favorite crêpe recipe, plop a tablespoon of batter on the pan, and fold the end result in quarters.

Spice it up by arranging it on your favorite bowl or plate.

3 batches later...3 plates full of mini-crêpes!
Glass plate: bourbon sweet
Red bowl: savory fresh greens surrounded by hearty rye
Yellow plate: more savory greens

My favorite recipe:

3/4 c. milk
1/2 c. water
1 c. flour
2 eggs
3 T. melted butter

Mix in blender, pulse for 5 seconds, scrape the sides, pulse for 5 more seconds.
Tip: add flour & melted butter quickly, don't let them sit in the liquids for too long.

Frigerate for 1 hr or freezerate for 20 mins or so.

Set crêpe pan on high heat, adjusted so that each crêpe cooks for 30 secs, then is flipped & cooked for 10 more.

To accomodate the sweet & savory, we added different ingredients to each batch:
Hearty Rye (by MissCharissa): use rye flour, add molasses + caraway to taste
Fresh Greens: add fresh chives, spinach, rosemary + 1/4 t. salt
Bourbon sweet: 2 T. of your favorite bourbon or rum (to taste), 1 t. vanilla + 1-2 T. sugar